Only a few months after its official launch and ahead of schedule, Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, will offer national coverage on January 25 with its ready-to-ride bike shipping service.

While delivering east of the Rockies over the past several months, much of that in the Southeast where the company is headquartered, it has steadily built a framework for a national network working with regional hubs.

“Starting next week, Kitzuma trucks can pick up a bike from a manufacturer’s dock in California and deliver]] through our network to a customer in Boston,” said Taylor Essick, co-founder/CEO, Kitzuma Cycling Logistics. “And, of course, that works vice versa or anywhere in between. As we actively onboard new clients across the country, we’ll be ready to handle their needs no matter where they do business. And, in most cases, the entire process takes a total of just 3-to-6 days at a similar cost to the big-name shippers.”

“What we offer takes the uncertainty of a middle man and shipping bikes in cardboard boxes out of the equation,” added Essick. “Bikes are moved via our national fleet of specially equipped vans and trucks — all exclusively owned and operated by Kitzuma and its employees — so only Kitzuma personnel will ever handle the products. All bikes will be picked up fully built and will remain that way through final delivery.”

“Our dispatch team is in regular contact with recipients to coordinate delivery,” added Co-Founder/COO Chris Cosgrove, “Additionally, our specially trained drivers communicate with recipients on delivery day, and they can help individual consumers with the final setup of the bike including seat height, suspension sag and other basics. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our services to the handful of brands who were forward-thinking enough to be early adopters, and we’re confident others will follow suit based on the steady influx of inquiries from others across the country.”

Kitzuma’s model for shipping bikes, whether for B2B or B2C, is new to the industry. Traditionally a manufacturer builds the bike, breaks it down and loads the parts into a box before handing it off to a shipper to deliver to a customer.  And, once received, the customer must unbox the pieces and rebuild the bike often themself. Equally important is the transparency of the process; the Kitzuma crew is regularly in touch with the shipper and receiver to ensure the best experience for the customer.

“To go along with the overall white-glove service, our company has also invested heavily in building a technology platform to maximize efficiency, tracking and communication between parties,” said Co-Founder and CITO Tony Eggers. “Everyone on both sides of the equation is kept in the delivery loop from start to finish.”

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Illustration courtesy Kitzuma