Revo announced the launch of Revo Black, a sunglass collection that showcases the company’s latest in frame and lens technologies. 

Revo Black presents three design concepts, in two styles each, including one concept designed in collaboration with alpine ski racer and Olympian Bode Miller.

The “lighter-than-air frames” and a photochromic lens option shift from light to dark automatically. The first design concept features a carbon fiber frame; the second design concept uses titanium wire frames for the lightest Revo sunglasses to date; and the third design concept offers a fashion-forward, solderless frame cut from a single sheet of titanium.

“Revo Black is the most technically advanced collection of Revo sunglasses yet. What makes this collection stand out is the fact that it’s an innovation of both Revo’s lens technology and our frame technology,” said Cliff Robinson, CEO of Revo. “We’re working with the best materials available and doing so with passion. We think Revo Black showcases the next generation of Revo.”

Revo Black, with three design concepts, is equipped with Revo’s signature mirrored lenses. The Blue Water and Evergreen styles introduce a new photochromic lens option.

“This is just the launch of the Revo Black line,” continued Robinson. “We’ve got some incredible designs and prototypes in the works that we’re hoping to have ready for 2022. Keep watching Revo Black. It’s taking this brand, and its fans, to the next level.”

All Revo lens protects from 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC light to help prevent vision problems.

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Photo courtesy Revo