The Air Zermatt rescue team is legendary, making over 1700 rescues a year, using specially-equipped rescue helicopters to pull stranded mountaineers off the Matterhorn and surrounding peaks in the Swiss Alps.

The pilots of Air Zermatt have chosen Benno Bikes to build a special edition Benno Boost E, our most capable electric utility bike, with trademarked Etility Design. The Boost’s agility, load-carrying capacity, and multiple set-up options help speed the pilots to the hangars and to move equipment and team members around the base and the car-free town of Zermatt.

The Bosch Performance CX electric drive system with dual batteries (both options available to consumers) delivers instant, long-lasting power, while studded winter tires provide traction on Zermatt’s icy streets. Now you can have the same rugged dependability that has made the Boost E the official ground transportation partner of Air Zermatt.

All options of the Air Zermatt edition Boost E: Bosch CX drive, dual battery, multifunction racks, large utility pannier bags and studded winter tires are available on consumer models. To get the exclusive paint scheme, however, you’ll have to join Air Zermatt.

For more information about the Boost E, Etility Design, and the other cool Etility bikes made by Benno, visit the site.

To learn more about Air Zermatt, visit their site. If you visit the Swiss Alps, you don’t have to fall in a crevasse to get a ride with Air Zermatt – they also do scenic flights.

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