Stockholm, Sweden (Dec. 18, 2023) – Recco, the advanced rescue technology manufacturer, continues to expand its network of Recco SAR helicopter detectors globally in 2023 and beyond. Recently, Recco announced helicopter detector placements in France, Switzerland and Spokane, Wash. In total, there are 36 Recco-equipped helicopter bases worldwide, with 8 in the United States. 

The Recco helicopter system is used to search for missing people in the outdoors year-round. The Detector can quickly search large areas, covering a square kilometer in six minutes. Along with helping reduce search times for missing people, the helicopter-based detector can reduce the time and the exposure to risk for rescue workers during search missions.

Recco launched its helicopter detector in 2016, which dramatically expanded the applications of the Recco system to aid in searching for people during all four seasons. The Recco helicopter detector makes it easier to search for runners, cyclists, hikers, hunters and more by allowing searchers to comb through larger areas more efficiently. 

Recent Recco Helicopter Detector Placements: 

  • Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland – Operated by Air-Glaciers covering all Cantons in Central Switzerland as well as the Canton Fribourg. With additional placements in Zermatt, Sion, and Samedan, the entire country of Switzerland is now covered by the Recco helicopter system. 
  • Morzine and Ancizan, France – Operated by Blugeon Helicopters, these are the first two helicopter placements in France, and they will cover mountainous zones in the Alps and Pyrenees. 
  • Spokane, Wash. – Operated by Spokane Regional Air Support Unit, this is the second helicopter unit in Washington state. 

“The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the Spokane Regional Air Support Unit are excited to partner with Recco to deploy this new technology at no cost,” said Chief David Ellis with the Spokane Valley Police Department. “This new detection system will help save lives, reduce search times, and help keep our search and rescue teams safe. This is a much-needed tool for eastern Washington and northern Idaho.”

Dr. Klaus Burger, Head of Chiemgau Mountain Rescue, has found great value in the Helicopter Detector System, as their region’s terrain makes search efforts very rigorous. 

He said, “We have about 9,000 rescue operations every year in Bavaria. About 300 of these are searches for missing persons. In the Chiemgau area alone, we have an average of 50 missing person searches every year, which are very demanding for us.”

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