Rad Power Bikes introduces its RadCity 5 Plus commuter bike featuring a removable semi-integrated battery, a custom geared-hub motor that climbs hills “40 percent faster” and an easy-to-read interface to navigate traffic and challenging hills. 

This is the inaugural introduction of the RadCity line in Europe where Rad Power Bikes has an established presence.

“Ebikes represent a clear solution for the precarious condition of our planet,” said Mike Radenbaugh, founder and CEO, Rad Power Bikes. “Our European counterparts have already made ebikes an integral part of their everyday lives, and the movement is well underway in North America. It’s simple: Ebikes are fast and fun. They foster a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, plug into a standard electrical outlet to recharge and cost far less than cars. Whether navigating cobblestones in Paris, hairpin turns in San Francisco or delivering pizzas in New York City, ebikes are a critical answer to the environmental challenge for which we are all responsible.”

Rad Power Bikes centered the design of the bike on performance, comfort and style. It offers “11 percent more range” than its previous model, with custom tires designed in-house to travel paved roads more efficiently. New components include hydraulic disc brakes and longer-lasting ceramic pads for greater stopping power and control and a semi-integrated battery that drops in and out with a turn of a key. 

The ebike comes in two frame styles, high-step and step-thru, for accommodating a broader range of heights — 4’8” to 6’5” — for a lower center of gravity for better ride geometry, smoother, more secure, and more upright ride for pedal efficiency. Its user interface, with oversized tactile buttons, makes the riding controls accessible. The display gives real-time stats and shows the intelligent battery state of charge.

“Europe is one of Rad Power Bikes’ fastest-growing markets,” said Arno Saladin, European business director, Rad Power Bikes. “This is the first time we’ve designed a bike with the European rider in mind. We spent years collaborating with our global product development team before this model was ready for the European market. Our primary objective was usability and utility. The Dutch-influenced riding style of the new RadCity 5 Plus results in a bike that is extremely comfortable even for longer distances. I think riders around the globe will be pleased with this urban commuter and quickly find they are choosing their ebike over their car more and more frequently.”

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Photo courtesy Rad Power Bikes