PrimaLoft, Inc. published its first Relentlessly Responsible Report about its using innovation and performance to drive sustainability. The report highlights key yearly achievements with an emphasis on 2021 and provides a look into the future of PrimaLoft.

The company’s key focus is reducing its environmental impact through the continued use of recycled materials, designing for circularity, aggressive carbon reduction, and developing technologies using non-petroleum-based raw materials.

Mike Joyce, president and CEO, PrimaLoft, said: “Over the last five years, our cultural belief of innovation, sustainability and performance has become a purpose statement to unleash the full potential of people, products and the planet, together in harmony. This statement acts as our true north, helping us navigate all aspects of our business. It shows itself through our sustainable approach to products, process and materials. While no one can solve the issues facing our planet alone, every bit helps.”

Key developments and statistics can be found in the report, here.