Planet Earth, The Universe (March 18, 2024) — Polartec, a Milliken & Company brand and the premium creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, is pleased to introduce Polartec Power Shield RPM,  made from recycled polyester materials and the iconic Polartec 200 and Micro Series recycled fleeces featuring cutting-edge Polartec Shed Less technology. Designed to perform better, go farther and enhance the lives of those who wear them, these advances represent yet another milestone in reducing impact on the planet and enabling circular processes.

Made to enable circularity, Polartec PowerShield RPM offers excellent stretch and recovery, this pioneering fabric features a highly durable non-PFAS coating to repel precipitation, 10,000mm hydrohead to keep it off, and is available in 2 and 3-Layer versions. When combined with a breathability spec of 30,000g/m2/24hrs, Power Shield RPM redefines the idea of unstoppable comfort for users. Designed to satisfy the requirements of top-tier athletes and weekend enthusiasts alike, the use of sustainably sourced recycled polyester reduces both the product’s carbon footprint and the reliance on fossil fuels while enabling circular processes.

Polartec Shed Less technology is an innovative process that decreases fiber fragment shedding during home laundering up to 85%* without compromising the performance or durability of the fabric. By optimizing yarn const­ruction, knitting, chemistry, and manufacturing excellence, Polartec has engineered a way to ensure that the same fibers that give its iconic fleece a soft, comfortable hand feel now resist breaking or rubbing off. Less shedding means fewer microfiber fragments end up in the oceans and waterways. Less shedding means more years of wearing Polartec fleece fabrics and paving the way for a more sustainable future. Less shedding means more value, which is why this technology is now globally available on the most iconic Polartec recycled fleeces, Polartec 200 and Micro Series.

Polartec Micro Series: engineered to provide long-lasting comfort in a vast range of conditions and activity levels, this premium recycled fleece with Polartec Shed Less technology is made from a lofted structure with thermal air pockets to retain warmth without inhibiting breathability. Highly durable yet incredibly soft, Polartec Micro Series is both hydrophobic and fast drying, making it the most versatile synthetic fleece on the market.

Polartec 200 Series: the modern version of the original PolarFleece®, which in 1993 became the first performance fleece knit from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, is now treated with state-of-the-art technology to protect its longevity while protecting the planet. With greater resiliency, lightweight warmth and faster drying times, Polartec 200 Series sets the industry standard when it comes to high-performance synthetic fleece.

Ramesh Kesh, Senior Vice President at Milliken & Company and Business Manager Polartec said, “Polartec has a 30-year tradition of textile innovation aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our products. With these latest initiatives, we’re ramping up our commitment to prioritize the planet. Whether it’s minimizing our impact, creating products built to last, or fostering circularity, Polartec is dedicated to making a positive difference today, tomorrow and beyond.”

* Test results using AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) TM212-2021 test method for fiber fragment release during home laundering. ©2024 Polartec, LLC. Polartec® is a registered trademark of MMI-IPCO, LLC.