Polartec, a Milliken & Company brand, launch edFresh Face, a natural, renewable odor reducer for fabric technologies. The plant-based deodorizer offers a sustainable alternative to traditional fabric fresheners, leveraging the power of botanical mint oil.

Debuting this season across Polartec Delta fabrics, the addition of Fresh Face technology minimizes odors within a garment. Fresh Face comes from a naturally sourced and non-GMO mint oil plant extract harvested and distilled in the Willamette region of Oregon using an environmentally friendly steam extraction process and has received approval from Bluesign and Oeketex Standard 100.  

To validate its effectiveness, Polartec conducted thorough testing to compare Fresh Face with its previous silver-based odor control additive. and found that it delivered the same performance as the last control odor method. 

Editor’s note: At the request of Polartec, all references to the product being “biodegradable” were removed from this post.