Outerbike announced it would run this year’s Moab, October 1-3, and Bentonville, October 22-24 events. The four previously scheduled events Killington, Crested Butte, Duluth, and South Lake Tahoe, in addition to possible new locations, will return in 2022.

“We are amazed by the number of new cyclists joining our community. We are welcoming them in record numbers on our Western Spirit multi-day bike trips, but the unintended consequence of the bike boom is a lack of demo bikes for this summer. Since Outerbike is all about the bike, we are holding off on our summer events,” said Mark Sevenoff, co-founder, Outerbike.

“We are excited for the October Outerbike events, and committed to welcoming each and every new cyclist. Our tight-knit circle of cycling enthusiasts can be a bit intimidating for newcomers and Outerbike is all about breaking down those barriers and helping everyone find the perfect ride,” said Ashley Korenblat, CEO, Western Spirit Cycling, parent company, Outerbike. For the 2021 attendees who deferred their event entry last year, Outerbike created a “bring a friend for free” option. All deferrals and new ticket sales will begin on May 15. The Outerbike 2022 dates and locations will be announced shortly.

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