Two Pacific Northwest brands, Outdoor Research and Dovetail Workwear, teamed up for Spring 2022 to create a collection of outdoor accessories for outdoor enthusiasts and working women.

The collaboration evolved from the relationship between two women-led product teams; both focused on creating functional women’s apparel and accessories through design, inclusive sizing and durable construction.

“At Outdoor Research, we’re focused on serving the needs of female athletes of all shapes and sizes and outfitting them in products that fit well, stand up to rough terrain and help protect them from extreme conditions across a wide spectrum of activities,” said Kat Schoewe, senior creative design director at Outdoor Research. “From the moment we met the Dovetail team— and learned more about their commitment to outfitting real women, from bike mechanics and construction workers to artists and firefighters — it was clear we had to join forces, amplify our voices, and work toward creating a set of products that are unique in the market.” 

For Spring 2022, the co-branded accessories collection includes:

In creating this collection, Outdoor Research and Dovetail worked with their respective wear-testers, including farmer Emily Thompson, wildlife photographer Melissa Groo, and geology enthusiast Alison Cole to ensure each design’s form, fit and function met the needs of working women.

Photo courtesy Outdoor Research/Dovetail Workwear