Outdoor Research launched its RadiantX Gloves and Mitts for Fall 2021 with HeiQ XReflex Radiant Barrier technology.The technology keeps warmth in with less bulk and weight by reflecting radiant body heat using an ultra-thin surface coating that does not reduce breathability.

“HeiQ XReflex, created by HeiQ’s joint-venture partner Xefco, is a patented radiant barrier technology that makes products thinner, lighter and warmer. HeiQ XReflex utilizes an ultra-thin reflective surface coating that reflects energetic infrared body heat waves back to the body. The radiant barrier coating is applied to one side of the fabric via a high-tech vapor deposition process that doesn’t compromise the fabric’s air permeability, noise, touch, durable water repellence (DWR) or down-proof properties. The radiant barrier textiles are combined together with optimized insulation materials to produce insulated assemblies with up to 50 percent less volume and weight while keeping the same level of warmth (measured in CLO). HeiQ XReflex is available on fabrics and non-woven scrims and lasts over 20 washes,” said HeiQ 

The RadiantX Gloves and Mitts, launched in the USA, Canada and internationally in August, offer a slim profile for handling cold objects and for keeping fingers nimble for active work.

“It was a no-brainer to partner with HeiQ on the HeiQ XReflex technology as it pairs both lightweight warmth and breathability—two qualities that you would want on any active cold weather glove,” said Jenny Dashner, Outdoor Research product manager for Gloves. “The beauty of using it in the Radiant X glove is that we could place thin yet warm insulation in it without compromising the dexterity of the glove and mitt. Many of our ski and alpine athletes have told us that this is now their new favorite.”

“Carlo Centonze, Co-founder & CEO, HeiQ, said: “HeiQ XReflex is a truly revolutionary technology, especially for those who spend a lot of time in the outdoors sometimes facing extreme weather conditions and cold. We couldn’t have found a better partner than Outdoor Research, the first company to implement this exceptional insulation for their high-performance gloves. Outdoor Research shares many philosophies with HeiQ, so it’s not surprising that many of its products are enhanced with HeiQ technologies. I wish all their mountaineering customers much success as they climb to new heights with warm and comfortable hands.”

Tom Hussey, CEO and Co-Founder, Xefco said: “We are so proud to see our technology used by Outdoor Research; their innovative mountaineering gloves are an ideal product for our ground-breaking radiant barrier technology. We wish their users a safe and satisfactory ascent.”