Taufkirchen, Germany & Longmont Colorado — Ortovox, a leader in avalanche safety equipment and wool- based mountain wear, has been awarded Leader Status by Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) for the second year in a row, the highest level of distinction for fair working conditions offered by the apparel industry watchdog. Now, Ortovox launches the ProtACT2024 pledge, a 5-year roadmap to meeting an even more ambitious and comprehensive standard of social responsibility.

The FWF is an international, independent nonprofit organization focused on improving social standards and working conditions in the garment industry. Fair Wear recognizes ORTOVOX with Leader Status for its advanced commitment to safe and healthy working conditions, livable wages and reasonable working hours throughout its supply chain.

“Business success is not tied to economic numbers alone,” said Ortovox CEO Christian Schneidermeier. “The relevance of the environmental and social compatibility of business activity is steadily increasing.”

ProtACT2024 stems from the brand’s core value of protection. Under this plan, Ortovox will have achieved a broad array of social and environmental goals by 2024, including climate neutrality, PFC-free products, garment reparability innovations, 60 percent European production, 100 percent wool production transparency and continued FWF Leader Status.

“In ProtACT2024, we pledge to mainstream the subject of sustainability more firmly than ever at all levels of the company within the next five years,” said Schneidermeier. “In so doing, we are combining existing initiatives with new, binding goals to be implemented by 2024. The protection of people, animals and the environment is a central focus of Ortovox’s business activities.”

Since Ortovox became a member of the FWF in 2015, the company regularly monitors its factories and plans visits by Ortovox employees and the FWF to ensure compliance to its strict Code of Labor Practices.

Happy sheep growing Ortovox wool

Happy sheep growing Ortovox wool.