Northwest River Supplies (NRS), a manufacturer of paddlesports equipment and apparel, introduces dry wear developed in partnership with Gore-Tex and built with Gore-Tex Pro materials.

“We built this line from the ground up based on paddlers’ needs and requirements, and it beats all expectations,” said Danny Mongno, NRS product manager. “Our athlete team and everyone from 14-year-olds to 75-year-old ambassadors weighed in on different aspects of the new line to make it the best in class. We’re thrilled to introduce our new line to the paddling community.”

Gore-Tex-Pro fabrics are 100 percent recycled nylon face. The NRS Gore-Tex Pro line includes five new products in all gender sizes and styles.

“We didn’t just make this Gore-Tex,” said Mongno, adding that the new line is just one more way the 50-year-old, 100 percent employee-owned company is doubling down on its customer service and community. “We built it to the standards of the world’s most demanding paddlers, so we can be sure it will serve the needs of all of our customers.”

NRS pro seak kayak instructors and athletes were involved in developing and product testing the new line, which includes: 

  • Axiom waterproof, breathable front-zip dry suit;
  • Jakl, back-zip drysuit, designed for elite expedition paddlers;
  • Navigator touring suit for long days offshore; 
  • Rev Dry Top offers extended neoprene cuffs to shield the gaskets and patterning to improve flexibility while reducing friction and drag; and
  • Recoil Dry Bibs, built to adapt to changing activities, are lightweight, waterproof and could be paired with a dry top or waterproof shell.

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Photo courtesy NRS