Alpine Meadows, Calif. – February 15, 2024 – Nocs Provisions (, maker of adventure-ready outdoor optics and accessories, today announces the launch of its new Solar Eclipse Lens, an attachment that transforms the brand’s 8×32 Zoom Tube Monocular into a safe, effective viewer for the solar eclipse. 

Crafted from high-quality, lightweight aluminum – which enhances durability and offers a sleek, modern look – the new Solar Eclipse Lens features precision optics that provide clear and crisp views of the solar event. The lens is made in the USA and ISO 12312-2-certified, adhering to the highest safety standards to shield from harmful solar radiation.

The lens is ultra-portable, weighing a mere .75 ounces, and is 1.8 inches in diameter, and the threaded design easily attaches to the Nocs Zoom Tube Monocular (not included). 

“Nocs is about equipping people with outdoor optics that help them explore and experience the outside world in a different way, and the new Solar Eclipse Lens is a perfect add-on to enhance the functionality of the Zoom Tube and get up close with a rare and unique phenomenon,” said Jackson Fox, Marketing Manager, Nocs Provisions. 

The new Solar Eclipse Lens is available today at and in specialty retailers. Nocs is also offering a new bundle which includes the Solar Eclipse Lens, Zoom Tube Monocular, and Woven Wrist Strap together for $125. Explore the bundle:

Nocs’ 8×32 Zoom Tube is a perfect monocular for every adventure. The ultra-compact form easily fits into a pocket and has a wide field of view, 384 ft @ 1000 yards. The Zoom Tube is available in six different colorways. 

Seeing a total solar eclipse is rare, as they only occur once every 2-3 years and last just over four minutes. On April 8th, 2024, North Americans will be able to experience the solar eclipse as it starts over Mexico’s Pacific Coast and moves up into the US, stretching on a narrow path from Texas to Maine, ending in Southern Canada. 

Solar Eclipse Lens Details

  • Compatible with the Nocs Provisions Zoom Tube monocular (not included)
  • ISO 12312-2-certified attachment adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring that your eyes are shielded from harmful solar radiation during a solar eclipse
  • Precision-crafted optics provide clear and crisp views of the solar event, allowing you to appreciate every detail with exceptional clarity
  • High-quality aluminum construction combines strength with a lightweight design; aluminum material not only enhances durability but also gives the attachment a modern aesthetic
  • Threaded design for easy installation onto your monocular (not included); threading ensures a secure connection so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose while viewing
  • Designed with portability in mind, the attachment is compact and easy to carry
  • Comes with an educational insert offering insights into the science of solar eclipses so you can expand your knowledge while immersing yourself in the celestial spectacle
  • MSRP: $35 (Lens Only)