Scranton, PA. [March 26, 2024] Noble Biomaterials, a global leader in antimicrobial and anti-odor solutions for soft surface applications, announced upgrades to its Ionic+ product portfolio and will be supported by a new “Planet Positive” communications campaign.

Noble’s latest advancements with Ionic+ Botanical and Ionic+ Pro presents a new era in bacterial and odor control fabrics. Both delivery methods remove odor causing bacteria from the fabric and significantly reduce the need for fabrics to be washed. Treated fabrics require less care which leads to water and energy savings and extends the lifespan of a fabric. The new “Planet Positive” campaign aims to inform both industry and end-users about the upside to antimicrobial solutions and how they can save resources and reduce waste.

Ionic+ Botanical
The core citric-based formula received EPA registration in March of 2023, and Ionic+ Botanical is now available at retail through Noble’s partnership with Salomon. This plant-based, renewable citric technology inhibits the growth of microbes that cause odor on fabric and remains one of the very few plant-based EPA registered antimicrobial fabric solutions available. Noble is working towards Oeko-Tex and bluesign certification for Ionic+ Botanical.

Ionic+ ProIonic+ Pro is a new advanced performance version of Noble’s Ionic+ mineral silver yarn. Ionic+ permanent silver yarn uses an extruded yarn process that permanently encases silver ions in the fabric. The upgrade in performance can register a 99 percent reduction of bacteria in over 200 washes.

“We’ve created a portfolio of products with purpose,” said Allon Cohne, Ionic+ Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Noble Biomaterials. “We focus on the use of the product during its lifecycle. Noble’s Ionic+ offers a unique choice of technology with permanent silver yarns and our new citric topical solution for finished fabrics.”

The Planet Positive campaign reflects the broad range of industries and categories where Ionic+ antimicrobial / anti-odor technology is found including healthcare, fitness, outdoor, home and bedding.

Noble’s first presentation of both the new products and Planet Positive campaign together will be at Performance Days Shanghai, April 2-3 booth P06. Then, Noble will be displaying at the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland, Oregon April 17-18 booth #213, and presenting at Techtextil in Frankfurt April 23-26 booth 11.1 C71.

“We’re excited to bring a new set of products to market with a campaign reflecting how developing safe, durable fabrics can impact the planet and its resources in a positive way.” said Cohne. “Our intent is to lean into this initiative for product development and end-use communication.”

Ionic+ Botanical is now available at retail in Salomon’s new running apparel line and Noble’s supply chain is expanding with additional global distribution partners e.dye, Coolcore and Hornwood.

Noble has a history of groundbreaking innovation, covering the first EPA-registered silver-based textiles, advances in the use of silver metallized yarns and fibers in wound care, to the first silver antimicrobial textile on the International Space Station.