Noble Biomaterials, the manufacturer of antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications, announced its latest innovation, Ionic+ Botanical, intended to “revolutionize products using antimicrobial and anti-odor treatments in fabric.”

Celebrating 25 years in antimicrobial fabric science, the launch of Ionic+ Botanical expands Noble’s portfolio of Ionic+ antimicrobial products. The new formulation uses a renewable citric-based technology, pending EPA approval, applied as a topical fabric finish. Ionic+ Botanical’s durability comes from its “advanced textile technology with a rating at 50 wash cycles.”

“Ionic+ Botanical checks many boxes that bio-based technologies on the market struggle to meet,” said Joel Furey, founder and chief commercial officer, Noble Biomaterials. “There is a challenge to meet EPA guidance and maintain durable performance. We made a clear distinction here in developing the best botanical product in the market to carry on the strength of our Ionic+ technology.”

Noble’s existing antimicrobial fabric technology, Ionic+ Mineral, uses positively charged silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria on soft surfaces. The silver metalized yarn and silver-based extruded yarn “lead the antimicrobial fabric category with permanent technology that never washes out.”

The genesis of Noble’s Ionic+ antimicrobial technology started 25 years ago with the development of X-Static yarns. Today, Noble compliments its Ionic+ Mineral permanent yarns with renewable topical fabric treatment.

“We work with our customers to customize their approach to building sustainable fabrics,” said Furey. “Our mineral permanent technology is used on products designed for a long life cycle and extended life for re-commerce and technical performance. Our bio-based durable technology is applied on products that strive to reduce care maintenance and conserve water and energy resources.”

Before the pandemic, Noble saw “increasing demand for Ionic+ and antimicrobial fabrics in activewear and health care. Today, Ionic+ products are found in several categories, including the travel and leisure market, luggage, home bedding and towels, and sport accessories.”

Noble is developing Ionic+ Botanical with select material development partners, including Salomon, Crystal Denim and Trident Group.

Noble Biomaterials is a registered FDA medical device facility, an essential sole-source technology supplier to the U.S. military and a U.S. EPA–registered antimicrobial manufacturer. Noble products are EPA, FIFRA, BPR, and CE conforming.