Noble Biomaterials, a manufacturer of antimicrobial systems, announced that its Ionic+ fiber and fabric technology is in use by the manufacturers of ski, bike and motocross helmets.

In response to consumers’ need for cleaner, longer-lasting antimicrobial technology, the company created a suite of antimicrobial treatments within its Ionic+ technology, which is currently in use by Oakley, Giro, Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Leatt, Bell, Shred, and 6D Helmets. Smith will debut the material in its bike helmets for 2022 followed by snow for 2022/23. 

Noble Biomaterials said Ionic+ “offers brands versatility in protection with several delivery options between yarn or fabric treatment. The primary mechanism of action behind Ionic+ is the release of positively charged silver ions in the presence of moisture, such as moisture vapor naturally emitted by the skin, and especially under helmets during active pursuits. This natural release of silver ions helps inhibit and eliminate the growth of negatively charged microbes and bacteria on the product’s surface. Less bacteria means less odor, less washing and longer-lasting fabric, extending the life of the product.”

“Partnering with the best helmet brands in the world speaks directly to how versatile and technical the Ionic+ platform has become,” said Allon Cohne, chief marketing officer, Noble Biomaterials. “It’s important not only to gain the trust and support of product developers around the world, but you also have to satisfy consumer demands regarding performance. Noble is very proud of how quickly Ionic+ is exceeding expectations.”

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