Coinciding with National Recycling Day, Nixon released its High Tide, a high-definition tide watch made from upcycled ocean plastics.

Sitting at the top of Nixon’s tide watch collection, the High Tide was developed with a focus on quality, durability, and screen customization, to meet the needs of surfers worldwide.

The High Tide was developed in collaboration with Nixon’s team of surfers and adventurers who wanted a tide watch with a customizable display they could adjust to their needs. It follows Nixon’s redesigned multi-faceted bag collection made from recycled ocean plastics. Both categories echo the brand’s commitment to clean oceans, which includes the introduction of 100 percent recycled and curbside recyclable packaging throughout its collection of watches going forward.

“Nixon’s offices have always been deliberately close to the ocean. Our heritage in surfing and all things ocean-related has led us to a commitment to minimize our ecological footprint and leave the ocean in a better state than we found it. The High Tide is a first for us in terms of its advanced technology and environmentally friendly design, but it’s far from the last step we will make in this direction,” said Nixon’s President Nancy Dynan.

One of the High Tide’s unique features is the ability to customize its high-resolution screen to display the data most important to the wearer at any given time. The High Tide’s multi-functional display can showcase a split-screen mix featuring precise tide, sun, and moon data from 550 preprogrammed beach locations, along with a chronograph and a countdown timer.

The High Tide is also Nixon’s only watch to use MLCD technology in the display delivering a higher-contrast and higher-resolution display than standard LCD technology, a critical characteristic for visibility in water-related situations. The High Tide also incorporates Nixon’s patented Locking Looper, which keeps the custom-molded strap secure and prevents it from snagging on clothes or other objects. Co-molded silicone pushers are placed at 12 and 6 o’clock to keep them from being accidentally pressed by the back of a hand while surfing or other activities where your hand may bend back towards your wrist.

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Photos courtesy Nixon