Boulder, Colo. – January 23, 2024 – Nite Ize, a leading manufacturer of innovative solution-based products, today launched the Medallion Key Carabiner, Medallion Key Lanyard, GearLine Mini Key Organizer and O-Series Keychain. Available at retail in February, the sleek new keychains offer easy key attachment and detachment with secure closures for confident carrying.

“We love developing modern ways to carry keys,” said Rick Case, Nite Ize founder and CEO. “These new solutions offer innovation, functionality, premium quality and creative aesthetics, allowing folks to create the carrying solution that works best for them.”

Medallion Key Carabiner: This unique carabiner features a circular medallion structure with dual inner gates for easy key attachment and removal. The precision engineering of the carabiner’s strong inner gates prevent individual keys from accidentally doubling back and self-releasing, ensuring they stay securely attached. The carabiner is built with a strong stainless steel body and wire gates.

Medallion Key Lanyard: This sleek keychain combines a Medallion Key Carabiner with a lanyard for hands-free carrying around the neck. The carabiner features a circular stainless steel structure with dual inner gates for simple key attachment, detachment and security. The soft satin-touch lanyard includes a quick-release buckle for easy one-handed detachment when users need to access keys.

GearLine Mini Key Organizer: This innovative key organizer features rugged multi-loop webbing with an attached G-Series Dual Chamber Carabiner and 4 S-Biner MicroLocks. Each S-Biner MicroLock features dual gates that lock with a simple twist, securing keys and everyday carry items when on-the-go. The MicroLocks detach from the webbing just as easily, allowing users to add and remove individual keys and items as needed. The G-Series carabiner attached at its top clips to a belt or bag for easy access and features two distinct chambers, keeping the webbing separately secured in its bottom chamber.

Medallion Key Carabiner Medallion Key Lanyard GearLine Mini Key Organizer O-Series Keychain: This minimalist solution upgrades the classic split ring keychain, combining a gated key ring with a webbing carry loop. The key ring is built with strong stainless steel and features a unique spring gate with a narrow opening and centered gate design, providing ultimate key security and effortless key attachment. The attached webbing carry loop offers easy carrying from a finger when on-the-go.

The popular stainless steel S-Biner MicroLock is also now available in a five-pack in Black, allowing users to clip, lock and detach individual keys from a ring or chain with ease.