Nite Ize expanded its Radiant illumination line with the Radiant Rechargeable ShineLine, which uses fiber optics and LED technology.

With integrated Gear Ties for mounting and “pass-through power” technology for extended power options, the ShineLine expands Nite Ize’s line of illumination and will be available at retail in mid-February.

“With the rise in outdoor activities, there is a high demand for technology that not only makes this experience more enjoyable but also extends the outdoor experience to after sunset,” said Rick Case, Nite Ize founder and CEO. “We know that an entirely new group of consumers has discovered the outdoors. We want to make sure they stay engaged, which is why we work hard to create best-in-class solutions that are convenient, durable, versatile, and fun.”

The Radiant Rechargeable ShineLine offers 10 feet of illumination using fiber optic and LED technology and uses four Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Ties to hang or attach virtually. 

The string light wraps easily for increased visibility in green, blue or white LED light with both glow and flash modes. The pass-through power technology allows the product to be powered via a built-in rechargeable battery, USB AC or DC power source, or USB battery bank, remaining lit while charging.

For more product information, go here. To view a video, go here.