Sweet Protection,  unveiled its 2Vi high-performance technology platform in a pair of new helmets which push the boundaries for what’s possible for performance and comfort in the world of adventure sports.

Both the new Trooper 2Vi MIPS Helmet and the Grimnir 2Vi MIPS Helmet feature Sweet Protection’s  2Vi technology, which builds on the company’s 20-year history of perfecting impact protection in its products. The 2Vi technology platform was developed by Sweet Protection and allows for increased protection performance compared to previous generation helmets at both low- and high-impact speeds without compromising on weight and volume, and also offers increased protection against rotational forces due to its integrated two-layer MIPS technology.

While the integrated layering technology reduces the risk of geometric lock and allows for increased comfort, it also offers a complex geometry multi-density shock absorbing liner to improve impact dissipation and a next-generation variable elasticity shell with increased rigidity to serve as the first line of defense against impacts.

Both helmets combine Sweet Protection’s new technology and offer improved ventilation, fit and comfort — and set a new standard in the finish. The helmets are lighter and perform better in impact performance testing than its previous models.

“Everyone at Sweet Protection is thrilled to unveil the new Trooper 2Vi MIPS and Grimnir 2Vi Mips helmets, with the all-new and revolutionary high-performance technology platform 2Vi,” said Ståle N. Møller, Director of Design & Development, Sweet Protection. “The 2Vi technology platform is a breakthrough for the industry and will change what we think is possible when it comes to helmet performance.”