Boulder, CO, January 2020 – Nite Ize®, a leading manufacturer of innovative solution-based products, introduced an enhanced model of its whimsical BugLit® Micro Flashlight, featuring four bendable Gear Tie legs. Arriving at retail in early Spring 2020, the redesigned BugLit is now rechargeable and available in new color combinations.

The iconic Nite Ize BugLit is now rechargeable

The portable BugLit® Rechargeable Micro Flashlight combines an INOVA Microlight body with four fully bendable Gear Tie legs that can be wrapped, bent or twisted to sit, stand or hang in virtually any place where light is needed, leaving the hands free to attend to tasks. Featuring four light modes, the BugLit can be easily attached, courtesy of a lightweight Nite Ize S-Biner®. Clip onto zippers, keychains and backpacks for instant access on-the-go.

“We love seeing people discover fun new ways to use their BugLit,” Nite Ize CEO and founder Rick Case said. “Some hang it from the ceiling of a tent for an area light, set it on their bedside table for a night light or clip it onto a backpack for a backup light. By introducing rechargeable capabilities to our whimsical microlight, we’re allowing users to bring the BugLit into their daily routine.”

  • BugLit Rechargeable Micro Flashlight: The new rechargeable BugLit has a run time of four hours and 30 minutes on high and recharges to full capacity in one hour and 30 minutes via micro USB cable (not included). Available in three color combinations.
  • BugLit Micro Flashlight: The original BugLit now features several new color combinations, including Lime, Bright Blue, Coyote and Multicolor.

    BugLit Micro Flashlight

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