Bend, OR, October 4, 2019—The Conservation Alliance welcomes its newest member, ZyneGo, a brand new backpack solution launching now via Indiegogo. Through the partnership, ZyneGo joins a group of more than 240+ like-minded companies to support the grassroots conservation community working to protect the wild places that benefit outdoor recreation. With the support of its members, The Conservation Alliance has contributed more than $22 million dollars since the organization was founded in 1989.

The new ZyneGo Backpack is the world’s smartest backpack that features embedded pressure sensors. Its innovative carrying system (AtlasSystem™) uses algorithms to analyze data to learn your everyday wearing habits, and in conjunction with its companion app, takes the strain off your shoulders in only three steps.

“ZyneGo seeks design inspirations from nature,” explained Marco Tse, Chief Marketing Officer of ZyneGo. “As a group of backpackers who spend most of our time exploring the wild, we believe it is our responsibility to care more about our environment. We are proud to be a member of The Conservation Alliance. Together as partners, we will do more to protect the places we recreate.”

“We are excited to welcome ZyneGo into The Conservation Alliance membership,” said Conor McElyea, program manager for The Conservation Alliance. “It’s exciting to see new brands shaping their identity around conservation values and responsible business practices. We are looking forward to following the success of ZyneGo’s crowd-funding campaign.”

To learn more about the ZyneGo Backpack, check out its Indiegogo campaign here