Bourlder, Colo. (April 2, 2024) — This spring, Scarpa, maker of premium high-performance footwear for mountain sports, unveils its new Moraine light-hiking shoe, which introduces a first in the lightweight-hiking category — a technology that makes its wearer searchable in the unlikely event of a rescue. In addition, the Moraine is manufactured without using PFAS in its materials. 

The Moraine — a premium waterproof light hiker available in mid and low cuts — will be the first light hiking shoes on the market to integrate Recco technology, which offers an added safety component in the backcountry. 

Though known more in the worlds of ice climbing and paragliding, mountain athlete Will Gadd — who is a Scarpa ambassador — said a technology like Recco that helps the general public increase safety margins is a game changer. 

“I am really excited to see Recco reflectors in Scarpa’s new hiking boots,” Gadd said. “If we look at the search-and-rescue calls that come through, most of them aren’t for climbers or skiers, but for hikers. It can be very hard to find a lost hiker under the trees or in heavy brush, but if we have Recco reflectors in our hiking boots it allows them to be found faster. The reflectors also weigh close to nothing and don’t compromise footwear performance, so why not add them into the product? There’s really only an up-side. I’ve been putting reflectors into my gear for years now. I hope I never have to rely on them, but — if I do — I have full confidence that I will be found faster.” 

Recco, a leader in advanced rescue technology for the last 40 years, has pioneered a system of tiny passive reflectors that can be integrated into partner brand products and help the wearer become searchable in case of emergency. Rescuers then use an active Recco detector to bounce a signal off someone wearing a passive reflector, helping locate them more quickly. Recco’s global network includes 500+ ski resort partners, 400+ search and rescue partners and now 36 helicopter bases. 

The Recco system in the past has been known more as a tool for avalanche rescue, but the development of the Recco SAR Helicopter Detector in the past few years has allowed professional rescuers to perform fast and efficient searches for missing people in the outdoors year-round, with the capacity to cover a square kilometer in six minutes. Along with helping reduce search times for missing people, the helicopter-based detector can reduce the time and the exposure to risk for rescue professionals. 

The new Moraine WP and Moraine Mid WP shoes are equipped with a Recco reflector in the cuff of the shoe that adds an extra layer of security and protection for hikers as they venture onto the trails this summer. 

Other notable features of the Moraine lighter hikers are lightweight construction paired with a highly stable and supportive midsole/sole package. On the upper, the Moraine pairs a premium oiled nubuck leather with a 100-percent recycled synthetic mesh fabric and a PFAS-free waterproof membrane for weather protection. In the midsole, a dual-density EVA midsole integrates nylon inserts for support as well as an externally molded TPU heel counter for stability. Underneath, Scarpa’s Presa outsole has excellent traction thanks to SuperGum rubber. The Moraine is available in men’s and women’s fits in low cut and mid cut.