Mystery Ranch, the industry-leading pack company built on a heritage of comfortable load carriage, function and durability for people who have a mission to accomplish, released today a new film in the brand’s “Parallel Passions” series, “The Process.” The film, which premiered last night before an audience at the Bozeman Ice Festival, features Mystery Ranch brand ambassadors and members of the in-house design team sharing their experiences in the world of ice climbing and product development.

Credit: Ben Herdon

Brand ambassadors Becky Switzer, Whit Magro and Kyle Vassilopoulos, and pack designers Shilo McBee and Erin Moffett, take the viewer on a journey into the Hyalite Canyon, an ice climbing mecca outside of Bozeman, MT, where Mystery Ranch is based. Exploring the ridgeline of the relationship between Mystery Ranch’s designers and brand ambassadors, “The Process” tells the creation story of the Scepter Ice Climbing pack.

“At the Ranch, our passion for climbing and design are one and the same,” states Ryan Holm, marketing director for the brand. “This film brings the viewer into our process of pack design and the testing of our products in authentic alpine environments.”

To learn more about our mission to design the best load-bearing equipment and the insatiable hunger for user feedback from the field, view the film in its entirety here.


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