[Bozeman, Montana – February 22, 2024]– Mystery Ranch, pioneer of pack innovation with a legacy of load-bearing excellence and uncompromising comfort, is proud to announce its partnership with Vallfirest in a shared mission to contribute to global wildland fire management solutions. Through this partnership, Mystery Ranch firefighting products will now be available to wildland firefighters across Europe through Vallfirest’s network of D2C and retail sales channels. 

Inspired by its passion for innovation and field equipment provision, Mystery Ranch has partnered with Vallfirest to overcome historical challenges in making Mystery Ranch load-bearing equipment globally accessible. For too long, getting Mystery Ranch equipment onto the backs of the wildland firefighters outside of the United States has been difficult. “We are excited to be able to work with Vallfirest with the intent of keeping wildland firefighters and fire practitioners as comfortable as possible in extreme working environments,” said Luke Mayfield, Fire Program Manager at Mystery Ranch.  This partnership signals a breakthrough in overcoming the longstanding difficulty of providing Mystery Ranch equipment beyond the United States, reflecting a shared dedication to global solutions.”

Vallfirest’s collaboration with Mystery Ranch marks a pivotal alliance, a fusion of expertise and commitment to revolutionize Europe’s approach to wildland firefighting. Vallfirest’s CEO Javier Baena emphasizes, “We partnered with Mystery Ranch because they make great gear. Our goal is to give firefighters the best tools possible, and together, we can provide gear that helps them face tough challenges.” This partnership aligns with Vallfirest’s mission to constantly enhance firefighting solutions, ensuring those on the frontlines are equipped with gear designed to overcome nature’s fiercest challenges. This collaboration is about supporting firefighters with reliable and top-quality equipment they can trust in any situation.

For more information about Mystery Ranch, please visit www.mysteryranch.com. For more information on Vallfirest, please visit https://www.vallfirest.com/en