To continually deliver creative innovation and sustainable textile solutions across the entire value chain, Hyosung’s  Fashion Design Center (FDC), an interactive fashion studio that spans the U.S., Europe, and Asia surveying progressive brands and retailers researching consumer insights, has released its forecasted FW 25/26 Textile Trend report, which provides a vision of the key materials major apparel brands will be incorporating into their collections next year.

 The global climate change and cost of living crisis is a key influence in FDC’s FW 25/26 Textile Trend report. It’s supported by the back to nature movement where consumers are doing what they can to protect the earth by choosing apparel made with natural/bio-based textiles.

According to Gary Oh, Team/General Manager, Hyosung FDC, consumers are seeking long-lasting, multi-function apparel made with planet-friendly materials to reduce harmful carbon emissions, and thermally-regulated products to help lower home energy expenses.

With this insight in mind, FDC predicts the three following themes for apparel made with Hyosung’s broad range of Creora and certified sustainable regen brands of spandex, performance nylon and polyester yarns.

  • Minimal for Future: Consumers will be more mindful of choosing seasonless, genderless and ageless apparel that can be used for multiple purposes; thermal-regulating pieces for saving energy; and apparel made with blends of natural fibers blended with bio-based synthetics, which are detailed in the theme’s three sub-trends – All-Round Basics, Thermal Resilience, and Nature Power.
  • Well-Being Theory: Soft surroundings and comfort-feeling that helps to enhance wellness is in the spotlight for the FW 25/26 season. Apparel with barely-there feel along with refined textures will be popular as reflected in the theme’s Body-Hugging Softness, Comfy Stretch, and Reimagined Ribs sub-trends.
  • Conscious Preparation: Consumers continue to enjoy time in nature for all the lovely benefits it provides. Thus, they need earth-friendly, multi-functional apparel that can withstand whatever shifting weather conditions Mother Nature decides to bring on. Sub-trends within this theme include The Sweat Life, Mindful Explorer, and Lightweight Adventure.

More detailed information on FDC’s FW 25/26 Textile Trends will be presented in a weekly Trend Byte series featured on the Hyosung Performance Textiles Creativity Inspired blog beginning February 22, 2024.