Medline, a medical product distributor and manufacturer, together with Hologenix, a materials science company, launched a new line of Curad Performance Series orthopedic products powered by Celliant infrared technology.

Celliant, the flagship innovation of Hologenix, is a proprietary blend of natural minerals that allow textiles to convert body heat into infrared energy, returning it to the body and temporarily increasing local blood flow and cellular oxygenation. “This has been clinically demonstrated to support recovery from physical activity and fatigue, increase endurance and stamina and boost overall performance in healthy individuals, among other benefits.”

“We are very excited about integrating Celliant technology into our time-honored Curad brand,” said Sarah Cooper, senior manager, product management at Medline. “This partnership with Hologenix confirms our commitment to expand the use of infrared in our orthopedic soft goods market, where we believe it has great potential.”

Curad is the Official Medical Supplier of the Ironman U.S. Series. The new orthopedic products powered by Celliant infrared technology are the latest additions to its Performance Series and include the following:

  • Infrared Ankle Supports, Elastic, S-XL
  • Infrared Knee Supports, Elastic, S-XL
  • Infrared Back Supports, Hot/Cold
  • Infrared Shoulder Supports, Hot/Cold
  • Infrared Knee Supports, Hot/Cold
  • Infrared Multipurpose Supports, Hot/Cold

“This new Curad Performance Series offering represents a major expansion of Celliant Infrared (IR) bio-responsive textiles into the sports medicine field,” said Seth Casden, Hologenix co-founder and CEO. “We are honored to partner with Medline and look forward to future introductions.”

In addition to celliant infrared technology, Medline engineered the elastic supports offering targeted compression to improve localized circulation to reduce swelling, with a contoured fit that won’t slip or shift during normal activities with silicone grips that keep the product in place.

The removable hot/cold therapy supports offer adjustable compression and a gel compress that can be cooled or heated to reduce swelling and discomfort further.