Matador Travel Equipment introduces five products to its Advanced Series of ultralight, compact and weatherproof travel bags. 

“Travel is finally coming back, and we have the products you need for your first foray back out there,” said Chris Clearman, founder and CEO, Matador. “We’ve updated the Advanced Series with the latest industry-leading materials and technology offering packable products that perform at an elite level.”

The Series features high-wear panels reinforced with UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), which delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio seven times stronger than structural steel because of its molecular makeup and three-to-four times stronger than traditional nylon fibers. The fabric has also been treated with a UTS coating for added weatherproofing and durability.

 The Advanced Series products include:

“The use cases for the Advanced Series are endless-summit bags for expeditions, daypacks for adventure travel, or even just housing souvenirs if you bring home more than you arrived with,” continued Clearman. “No matter what adventures you have planned, you can trust that the Advanced Series will handle the most rugged of elements.”

Photo courtesy Matador Travel Equipment