Front Runner Outfitters announced the release of its 40-inch LED Light Bar FX1000-CB SM, a high-powered lighting accessory designed for public and off-road use.

To provide drivers with a wide range of uses, the 6,000-Kelvin color temperature paired with an intensity rating of 8,000 lumens offers over 2,080 feet of lighting distance distributed through a beam pattern for near and far visibility. Front Runner earned an Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) certification for public and off-road use with its reflector design that diverts light from the LED panel so that oncoming traffic is exposed only to indirect light.

The 40-inch LED Light Bar FX1000-CB SM offers:

  • a forward-mounted light with near and far-field illumination for driving at night;
  • integrate seamlessly with the Slimline II but can be utilized in other roof-mounted applications;
  • premium-grade materials;
  • aluminum housing;
  • polycarbonate lens;
  • OSRAM technology; and
  • mounting brackets for universal applications or mounting to the top of a Slimline II front profile rail.

For added protection and the ability to directly integrate the light bar with a Slimline II, the 40-inch LED Light Bar Mounting Bracket Kit includes mounts for beneath or in front of the rack tray and a powder-coated stainless steel shield that rotates in front of the unit for protection in harsh environments.

Photo courtesy Front Runner Outfitters