Seattle, WA – To show its support for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, KAVU has donated 500 pairs of Moonwalk Socks to the University of Washington Medical Center, where the pant legs of scrubs are now being tucked into socks to prevent contamination.

“During the time of the first lockdown, our sew shop was closed, so we couldn’t make masks to help out,” said KAVU founder Barry Barr. “We looked at all the options to help out and thought, ‘no one gave socks?’”

Word spread fast to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, and KAVU’s phone lines lit up in no time with requests from staff for more socks.

“These first responders are on their feet double shifts. They need comfortable socks,” said Barr. “The hospital staff have to tuck the hems of their scrubs into their socks. KAVU socks are fun with unicorns, killer whales and the ever-elusive northwest sasquatch. We wanted to share a smile with the people doing the hard work during this Coronavirus crisis.”

The team at KAVU encourages fellow outdoor industry brands to kick in and help out medical personnel however possible. Every little bit counts.

See below for a thank-you note from a UWMC RN:

Yesterday I received a pair of socks donated to all of us Emergency Nurses. We are currently switching to wearing socks that we can tuck our scrubs into, to prevent contamination from the floor. I’m a late adapter.

I woke up this morning, I have today off, a bit chilly in my condo. Put on my new KAVU Unicorn socks. I absolutely LOVE them. So comfy, instant warmth, cushy. Can’t wait to wear them to work in the Emergency Department!

Thank you for sending us this considerate, timely gift! We are working in unprecedented times. Every little thing and thought is welcomed. You made an impact on our ED, thank you.


Julie Durant RN
Emergency Department, UWMC