Chico, CA, April 22, 2020Incrediwear, maker of elite, wearable, anti-inflammatory sleeves, socks and braces, have launched their Help A Healthcare Hero Donation Program. The program is designed to get their pain-relieving, circulation-boosting products into the hands (or on to their feet!) of healthcare workers currently battling the COVID-19 crisis nationwide.

After being contacted through their social media from a nurse working 13 hour shifts on top of a long commute to and from their hospital, the recovery accessory brand knew they had to take action. Distributing as many as they can of their anti-inflammatory sleeves and socks to healthcare workers who spend long periods of time on their feet and moving their body, seemed the perfect solution.

As a past health provider and constantly working with doctors, nurses and health aids, I know first hand fatigue, pain and discomfort can affect quality of work,”  said Jackson Corley, founder of Incrediwear. “Incrediwear has been proven to alleviate pain, reduce fatigue, prevent injuries  and accelerate recovery; everything our healthcare workers need to be their best in this most important time in history!

Customers have the option to purchase a donation bundle consisting of a product for them, and a product to donate at 50% of its normal cost. They can also purchase just the donation product on its own. The campaign is looking to run for at least two weeks with a goal to distribute hundreds of products to centers across the country. Recipients like the Intermountain Wasatch Back Instacares, who are dealing with COVID-19 testing on a daily basis, will receive their products as soon as the campaign is over and donations have been tallied. 

How Incrediwear Helps

In a study with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Incrediwear supplied 66 Nurses and Staff with Incrediwear products to use at work. 27 nurses opted to participate in an initial survey of any ailments they may have been currently experiencing. Everyone who participated reported improvement in areas of pain, stiffness, swelling, fatigue, and other specified discomforts. They rated an improvement of 9.5/10 for pain and aches, 9.5/10 for stiffness, 10/10 for swelling, and 9/10 for fatigue.

EF Pro Cycling Rider, Mike Woods, putting the Incrediwear Leg Sleeve on. Taken by Jojo Harper

The brand, that began the year with their first partnership with the Education First Pro Cycling Team, is worn by some of the top outdoor and track athletes, and is also in pharmacies and medical offices worldwide. Their material is embedded with carbon and germanium, semiconductor elements that release negative ions when stimulated by body heat. Unlike compression socks and sleeves that decrease blood flow and lymphatic flow, Incrediwear products sit lightly on the skin to increase blood flow, activate cellular vibrations, and allow the body to heal. 

The company was founded in Chico, CA in 2009 by Corley – a certified chiropractor and avid mountain biker – and has striven to revolutionize the Health, Fitness and Sports Industry ever since to allow the wearer to get back to an active lifestyle. Incrediwear is not just wearable technology, it is a lifestyle philosophy.

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