Ignik, a Bainbridge Island-based brand, expanded its product line with new offerings in propane tank accessories. The 20LB Tank Case/Seat and 20LB Tank Tote make transporting and hauling large-scale propane tanks “seamless.”

Both tanks are made with 900 denier polyester fabric, rigid corrugated plastic, foam-reinforced base, and Molle webbing, which allows for attachment of other gear, accessories and secure transport. 

The 20LB Tank Tote is constructed with wrapped webbing handles on each side. Its Case/Seat offers a reinforced lid that doubles as a seat when shut and a removable padded shoulder strap for carry. Both the Tank Tote and Case/Seat propane carrying cases “cradle and protect the tank from impact.” When not used to transport propane, both store extra gear and beverages and could double as a camp trash can. 

“In the spirit of more heat and less waste, we set out to make products that allow folks to use the gear they already have without having to buy more stuff. The new 20LB Case/Seat and Tank Tote let you carry and transport that unwieldy 20LB BBQ propane tank that you probably already have sitting on your deck or in your backyard,” said Peter Pontano, Ignik’s marketing and product development director. “You provide the tank; Ignik will provide the case, which makes bringing that fuel with you easier on any adventure. These accessories protect your tanks, making them last longer and, let’s face it, just look cooler! They also provide great additional functionality. We are stoked about these cases and doing more with the gear you’ve got!”