Ignik, the manufacturer of outdoor heating products, took its Battery Powered Heat line to the next level with the Topside Heated Blanket and Flipside Heated Bed Cover, providing portable, customizable warmth and offering safe DC-powered heat when used outdoors.

After years of research and development, we’ve evolved our original Battery Powered Heat sleep line to create the next generation of products for a more sustainable and comfortable night’s sleep outdoors,” said Ignik’s Marketing and Product Development Director, Peter Pontano. “We worked with top engineers and manufacturers in the home heated blanket industry to bring outdoor enthusiasts two new portable solutions that are built with a more advanced heating technology and control architecture than most home heated blankets.”

The Topside and Flipside feature a Smart Controller designed for sleeping, giving users adjustability with advanced safety features. The controller remembers the last setting used and is built with an adjustable timed shut-off from one hour up to 10 hours to conserve battery life and control the amount of heat needed for a certain period. Topside and Flipside can run for 10 hours on the highest setting, with the controller working like an at-home thermostat, letting the user control the duration and intensity of the heat. Both products and the controller include multiple internal thermostats and sensors that control power output and have designated auto shut-off features to prevent overheating.

The Topside Heated Blanket is made with 100 percent recycled materials, with the outer layer made with a water-resistant rPET 30D micro-ripstop and the inner layer made with a non-slip micro-suede fabric, designed to provide comfort and keep the blanket in place during sleep. This fabric is also built into the blanket edges to increase strength and durability. 

Topside is built for one person and comes with a body heating element that puts out 48W of heat, with concentrated power at the upper core and feet where heat is needed most. The blanket is powered by a 12V battery power station (not included), or an included 12V vehicle adapter. Topside compresses into the included stuff sack for packing and transport. The blanket is 52 x 72 inches and is available in three colorways: Blue, Arctic Camo, and MTN Collection.

The Flipside Heated Bed Cover is an additional layer to an outdoor sleep system. Because heat rises, Flipside is designed to heat from the bottom up and works as a topper for a camp mattress, sleeping pad or inside rooftop tents and RVs. Flipside is constructed with the same 100 percent recycled non-slip micro-suede fabric as Topside on both sides for comfort and stability. Snaps on the side of the cover allow for connecting multiple Flipsides when sharing a mattress or when more surface heat is needed. The Flipside is identical on both sides, so the controller is accessible from either side, depending on the sleeping scenario. Like the Topside, Flipside has a full body heating element that puts out 48W of heat, providing powerful surface heat with concentrated elements at the upper core and feet. The cover is powered by 12V battery power stations (not included), or an included 12V vehicle adapter.

“An average adult generates around 75W of body heat, and Topside and Flipside essentially add 50 percent more heat to your sleep setup,” added Pontano. “Not only that, but our heat element covers the entire length of the product, not just a couple warm areas. More importantly, Topside and Flipside are designed with industry-leading safety features specifically for the outdoors so that outdoor enthusiasts can bring the comforts of home to any vehicle-borne adventure.”

Photo courtesy Ignik