Huk announced its partnership with NBA’s Keon Johnson. Huk and Keon will look to “elevate Huk’s apparel line with Keon’s growing fan base through this winning combination,” said Huk.

Huk is incredibly proud to work with Keon. His dedication as an elite basketball player and his passion for fishing are both indicative of his work ethic, personal conduct and drive to exceed,” said Pete Angle, CMO, Marolina Outdoor. “We’re very excited about Keon and are confident that he will be a solid ambassador to millions for our sport and brand.”

Keon was selected 21st overall in the 2021 Draft and will be playing in Los Angeles for his rookie season. He is also a passionate outdoorsman and loves to fish from an early age. He has been using Huk fishing apparel for “quite some time.” Keon noted, “I watch a lot of bass fishermen on YouTube and would always see them in some type of Huk clothing, so I tried some out. With Huk, I feel that I’m more comfortable on the lake no matter the weather and enjoy fishing a lot more.”

Huk has tapped Keon as its key brand partner to reach new anglers and younger generations. “Basketball is a lot like fishing. To become better at both you must have patience and be willing to practice,” said Keon. “My message to the younger generation of anglers and athletes would be to fall in love with the grind no matter how hard times get. You should focus on being the best version of yourself, whether in basketball, fishing or anything else you are passionate about.”

Photo courtesy Huk x Keon Johnson