Hot Chillys, the manufacturer of performance base layers and winter accessories since 1985, updated its brand and announced “significant sustainability improvements.”

“Many of our customers have been adventuring in our base layers since their earliest childhood memory on the slopes 30 years ago, and now they are suiting up their own kids to carry on the tradition of having fun together outside,” said Steve Lee, senior VP, sales, Hot Chillys. “This brand refresh meets our customers where they are today without compromising on the quality, innovation and technical engineering that has made us the leading purveyor of performance winter apparel for over three decades.”

New for 2022, Hot Chillys’ updated its iconic can packaging in which it ships its baselayers. The cans are now recyclable, including the aluminum lid.

The brand also eliminated polybags in all packaged products, using fully recyclable paperboard, and switching to soy-based inks.

An improved access hole on the packaging promotes a hand feel of its products and revamped visibility and clarity in labeling the features, sizing and icons on the package streamlines the consumer experience while shopping retail.

The new packaging also features the exact dimensions as the original packaging so as not to disrupt the retail footprint or display.

“We are so proud of this new, reusable packaging and its impact that we’re committed to replacing any existing packaging that is currently on the floor,” said Lee. “To date, we have repackaged over 40,000 products at retail with the new packaging to improve the experience for our retailer’s customers.”

New for this season, Hot Chillys introduced its Micro Elite ChamoisClima-TekFiesta, and Youth Originals

Photos courtesy Hot Chillys