Hillsound Equipment BTR (Better Than a Rock) stool, launched in early 2020 for backpackers, has found a new home in the hunt space.

Since its launch in February, the BTR stool has gained popularity with a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. The lightweight construction allows users to stash the BTR in a backpack pocket or small pack. Hunters, who often carry heavy packs, often forego seating to save weight. The BTR offers a comfortable seating option for light portability.

Outdoorsmans, an Arizona-based hunting retailer of 38 years, was the first to pick up on the BTR. “When we first discovered the Hillsound BTR Stool, we knew right away it would be a big hit in the hunting world … The BTR Stool truly captures everything our customers look for in a glassing stool. It’s extremely lightweight and durable, and you don’t have to worry about finding a soft spot on the ground to sit and glass … Hiking around the backcountry demands the most of a hunter’s gear, and having a comfortable means to sit and rest is a huge advantage. The BTR Stool delivers that advantage in spades,” said Mark Denham, GM, Outdoorsmans

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