Gill Fishing, the manufacturer of foul weather and technical apparel for anglers, introduced its latest collection of breathable waterproof fabrics with XPEL technology blocking stains from contaminants found in the water. 

“Unfortunately, many breathable jackets that claim to be waterproof eventually let water in, while the old-school rain slicks made of impermeable materials, which effectively block water and are easy to clean, can be incredibly uncomfortable because they trap body heat and sweat,” said Dominic McCarthy, commercial director, Gill North America. “We’re proud to put an end to compromising. Like all Gill products, anglers can trust our new jackets and bibs to keep them dry during the nastiest weather while providing the performance benefits of modern breathable fabrics. And now, they can quickly clean them with a spray of water.”

The collection includes two jackets and bibs treated with XPEL, the Apex Pro-X and Meridian X. A third suit, the Aspect, is constructed with a breathable waterproof fabric for everyday rain protection.

The Apex Pro-X Jacket and Bib are made with Gill’s breathable, waterproof, and durable fabric, XPLORE+ combined with its exclusive XPEL technology. The Apex Pro-X system is versatile, excelling in wet and cold conditions when paired with adequate layers. The hood stays n place when moving at high speeds using the brand’s Vortex hood technology, and an inner PU sleeve liner blocks water from entering the sleeves. Both items are available in black.

The Meridian X Jacket and Bib incorporate Gill’s XPLORE fabric combined with XPEL technology for waterproof protection and breathability. Fishing-specific features include Vortex Hood technology that keeps the hood in place at high speeds, a high-cut thermal face guard for warmth and rain protection and four front pockets. The jacket is available in shadow, shadow camo and twilight, and the bib is available in black and shadow camo.

The Aspect Jacket and Bib is built with Gill’s XPLORE fabric and a layer of lightweight mesh that wicks moisture from the body. The jacket includes Vortex Hood technology and multiple zippered pockets, while the bib has a front relief fly and side pockets. The jacket is available in shadow, twilight and glacier, and the bib is available in shadow.

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Photo courtesy Gill Fishing