Portland, OR, July 9, 2020Gerber, an industry-leading manufacturer of knives and multi-tools announced today a new collaboration with legendary public land hunter and conservationist Randy Newberg. The Randy Newberg collection is now available on gerbergear.com, and features two new tools: the Randy Newberg DTS (Dual Tool System) and the Randy Newberg EBS (Exchangeable Blade System).

From the early stages of conceptual development to extensive testing of prototypes in the field, Randy has been engaged in every part of the product development process. What results are the most technically advanced hunting products Gerber has made in its 80 years of knife making

The Randy Newberg DTS (Dual Tool System) features two folding blades in one tool. In addition to a primary blade, the built-in Tendon Tool is designed to handle tough cuts like opening thick hide, separating the atlas joint and cutting tendons against the bone. This saves the edge on the primary blade from dulling while field dressing big game, whether using the gutless method or the traditional open cavity method. Fold it down and open up the primary knife for finer, more precise work. The smaller size of the Tendon Tool lends itself to ease of use in those hard-to-reach areas, whether inside the cavity or reaching deeper tendons.

The Randy Newberg EBS (Exchangeable Blade System) refines the traditional exchangeable blade model to create a quiet, more compact carry system and lighter weight construction. On backcountry hunts, where every ounce counts, the EBS offers a high performing solution that you won’t notice until you need it. The EBS features three blade types: a backstrap blade, task blade, and breakdown blade for the various stages of field dressing. When not in use, the handle and blades nest in a Quiet Carry Box free from rattling. The system features Gerber’s SplitSec Tech for safe, easy blade replacement.

“It’s been so rewarding working with Gerber through the years,” said Randy Newberg. “I’ve hunted alongside the Gerber team and developed product alongside them. I hope the EBS and DTS tools provide other hunters with solutions to the same problems we faced in the field.”

Ten percent of gerbergear.com purchases of the Randy Newberg EBS & DTS will be donated to RMEF now through August 19, 2020.

Learn more about these innovative field dressing knives at gerbergear.com.