In June at the “Outdoor by ISPO” tradeshow in Munich, Garmont International together with the Global Conservation Corps (GCC) announced
 that they have entered into a new social responsibility project and partnership. The partnership sealed between Garmont International President Pierangelo Bressan and
 GCC founder Matt Lindenberg includes support of GCC’s main initiatives and to help
raise global awareness through joint communication efforts. GCC is dedicated to protecting wildlife and tackling the poaching crisis by empowering rangers, conservationists and communities in South Africa to defend and benefit from their wildlife heritage. GCC is looking to globally expand the program in the next two years.

Commented Bressan, “It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of our planet and our wildlife. At Garmont, our main campaign “Stay Wild” is a way of spreading the word to encourage more people to learn about nature, the environment and the wilderness that we are a part of. The only way we can hope to thrive in the future is to take care of the environment and its people, it’s everybody’s business.”

Garmont will back the GCC in its main initiatives and will aid the GCC in raising global awareness through its communication efforts. The GCC supported the development of the documentary film “Rhino Man – the movie” that shines a light on heroic rangers that put their lives at risk every day to defend wildlife and give future generations an opportunity to witness their national heritage. Garmont will supply the GCC rangers with quality footwear that provides comfort and protection during long periods of standing and walking. The documentary will be showcased globally.

Garmont will also actively contribute to the GCC project “Future Rangers Program”, 
officially launched in South Africa in January 2019. Through this program, the GCC engages school children and youth aged five through eighteen from rural communities with the goal of building their awareness and fostering their love of nature. Teaching them about conservation, the value of wildlife and how to become a custodian of their national heritage. The effort also makes youth aware of potential careers in conservation. Thanks to 
Garmont’s support, the program will double the number of schools and children involved in the project. This includes the full-time employment of educational facilitators from local communities. It means that thousands of children will be offered a conservation curriculum every week and the possibility of leading a meaningful career in conservation.


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About The Global Conservation Corps (GCC): Founded in 2015, The Global Conservation Corps empowers South African communities and children to conserve wildlife. The goal is to save endangered African species through educating and involving local communities in effective conservation projects. For additional information about the GCC, please visit