Front Runner Outfitters (Front Runner) released its 20-liter Pro Water Tank with Mounting System. Its low profile makes it an easy-to-handle solution for carrying water during vehicle travel and an additional size option to Front Runner’s product lineup.

This 5.3-gallon water tank allows users to free up valuable room on their racks without sacrificing volume or features. The mid-sized tank is appropriately sized for smaller roof rack cargo trays where space is limited, or for adding volume to additional water tanks for larger-scale travel plans. The water tank comes out of the box with a mounting bracket system, lockable tap and the hardware required to mount to a Slimline II roof rack system.

The Tank is made of food-grade, BPA-free polyethylene and incorporates two passthrough holes in the tank body for added structural integrity and easier handling when removing the tank from the rack. A powder-coated steel wraparound bracket provides secure transport and mounts easily to Slimline II roof rack systems with a latch that includes a safety catch.

Both the mounting bracket and water tap are lockable via a small accessory lock that is sold separately. The included tap is threaded and can be swapped with other half-inch threaded fittings to accommodate hoses for relocating the water tap in a customizable configuration.

Front Runner’s water storage products provide users with versatile systems for bringing enough water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and other camp needs. The Front Runner 20-liter Pro Water Tank with Mounting System is available now, directly from or through your local Front Runner official dealer.