Franklin Sports signed 16-year tennis pro turned pickleball player Sam Querrey. The former world #11 and two-time Wimbledon semi-finalist has now traded in his tennis racket for the Franklin Carbon STK paddle.

Querrey is working toward becoming a top-four professional pickleball player. Retiring from tennis has allowed him to focus his talent to become the next best player on all levels in pickleball. 

“This is an exciting time in pickleball, and we are seeing so many talented athletes making the switch to the sport as it continues to gain momentum,” said Adam Franklin, president, Franklin Sports. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sam and have him join the Franklin family as he sets up to conquer the pickleball court.”

Franklin is a leading sporting goods brand with over 10,000 products across ten different sports. The company entered the pickleball market in early 2017 with the release of the X-40 ball, the Official Ball of USA Pickleball, the governing body of the sport.

The Massachusetts-based company offers a wide collection of pickleball products, including paddles, balls, nets, and more. Querrey is the latest to be added to the roster of Franklin-sponsored pickleball athletes, including JW Johnson, Jorja Johnson, Julie Johnson, Christine McGrath, and Hayden Patriquin.  

Photo courtesy Franklin Sports