Forme, a wellness-technology company, has launched into the golf market with its FDA-registered therapeutic wearables.

After working with Olympians, NBA, MLB, and NHL players, Forme’s technical products are being used in PGA tours, by amateur golfers, coaches, and golf fitness professionals.

“Golfers, due to habitual forward postures and demanding playing and travel schedules, have a demonstrated history of muscular-skeletal injuries including neck, back, hip, and shoulder injuries which can impact their physical and mental health,” said Dr. Stephen Liu, chairman and founder, Forme. “We are a healthcare technology company that has helped many athletes and pro golfers improve their recovery and training by helping them breath better and accelerate faster muscle relaxation via natural and sustainable solutions from the effects of playing, traveling and sleeping.”

Scientific evidence and proven methods are at the core of Forme’s process. Its FormeTech inner layer is built into all its wearables. Forme products are for daily wear, training, competition, recovery, travel, and sleep, and mitigate the risk of injury for quicker recovery time.

Forme’s products include:

  1. Ace Polo, shown left, is an FDA-registered patented posture correcting and training polo. It can be worn for training or play. The two-button placket can be buttoned up or kept open for posture control. The inner layer, embedded with Forme’s patented technology, offers biomechanical training by keeping the right shoulder back for a consistent golf swing, synchronizing the shoulder blades for better putting and improving thoracic spine rotation while training the spine muscles and keeping the neck relaxed.
  2. Core Tee, shown middle, FDA-registered and patented posture corrector designed to correct and train posture through proper muscle engagement. Made with eco-friendly fabric, the lightweight, silky, soft-feel crewneck elongates the spine while correcting and training posterior muscles for correct posture. The patented technology inside layer delivers needed correction. With daily wear, muscle memory turns into the same awareness that allows the wearer to walk and breathe without conscious effort.
  3. Pro Short, shown right, is designed to fix the pelvic tilt, correct and train hip alignment, reduce back pain, and accelerate recovery. The patented technology activates the glutes and spine muscles to keep the hip in neutral alignment for less back pain and improve hip mobility.

Photos courtesy Forme