MLB and USA Baseball have invited approximately 60 top high school baseball players to development experience as part of a series of similar camps through June and July. Highlights of the cost-free event include elite instruction from former major leaguers, showcase games, visit to Marlins Park, and guest speakers.

Below are details for the first “Breakthrough Series” development camp & scouting showcase event in 2019. Approximately 60 rising High School juniors and seniors of diverse backgrounds have been invited to the Jackie Robinson Training Complex (JRTC) in Vero Beach, FL, where they will learn from former Major League players and coaches in a special amateur development experience that also serves as a showcase for professional scouts and collegiate recruiters. The participants – all of whom received special invitations via recommendations by former Major Leagues, MLB, USA Baseball, RBI programs, MLB Youth Academies, and other sources – represent 17 states from around the country and Puerto Rico.

In addition to the on-field action, participants will receive direct instruction by a list of former/current Major League players, coaches and executives, as listed below.

Twenty-five alumni of previous Breakthrough Series, as well as additional diverse-focused amateur development camps from MLB and USA Baseball, were selected in the 2018 MLB Draft.

Roster Notes:

  • Out of the 17 states represented through the Breakthrough Series participants, Georgia has the highest total with 17 out of 62, followed by Illinois with 10 and Florida with 9 players.
  • MLB markets with represented players include Arlington, TX; Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL (Coral Gables); Milwaukee, WI; New York, NY (Brooklyn and the Bronx).
  • The Non-MLB States include: Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina

Event Instructors: Tom “Flash” Gordon, Juan Samuel, Antonio Grissom, Marquis Grissom, Charles Johnson, Ken Hill, Junior Spivey, Jerry Manuel, Pat Mahomes, Mark Whiten, Lenny Webster, Marvin Freeman, Lou Collier, Tye Waller, Reggie Waller, Rob Sasser.

MLB Executives: Tony Reagins, Executive VP, Baseball and Softball Development, MLB; Del Matthews, VP, Baseball Development, MLB

Location: Jackie Robinson Training Complex, 3901 26th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960

PDP Player Assessments

The participants will have the opportunity to undergo unique athletic assessments, consisting of performance vision screening, swing analysis and precise physical testing. These voluntary assessments are supported on-site by USA Baseball, typically through Prospect Development Pipeline (PDP) Premier Events, which have helped establish an official identification and player assessment pathway to all 30 MLB Clubs for elite high school age baseball players in advance of the annual MLB Draft. Regional PDP Premier Events are currently underway throughout the country in 2019.

These assessments include the following:

  • Athletic Assessment – Will capture objective performance measurements including gait analysis, dynamic broad & counter-movement jumps, agility, cognitive speed of processing, and, grip strength & slant board sway tests.
  • Sport Vision Screening– Will screen players with a set of vision tests designed to help athletes by assessing vision strengths and identifying areas of vision that can be improved to enable them to reach maximum performance levels.
  • Swing Analysis – Each athlete will be assigned to a sensor to track each swing they take, to monitor the barrel speed, hand speed, acceleration and impact momentum. High-speed, slow-motion video will also be captured on every athlete.
  • Ball Flight Analysis – For pitchers, measurements will include velocity, spin rate, spin axis, spin efficiency vertical & horizontal break. For hitters, measurements will include ball exit velocity, spin rate, distance, and launch angle.

Resulting data from the assessments will be compiled into an individualized report for each player. The data captured will be used as a tool in the development and optimization of each individual player.

Contact: Steve Arocho, Major League Baseball, 718.614.3487,; Ruth Ruiz, JRTC, (562) 716-0013,