Fieldsheer, a leader in temperature-controlled apparel, announces a new partnership with White Desert, a luxury travel company specializing in environmentally conscious Antarctic adventures. Through this partnership, Fieldsheer becomes the preferred supplier of heated garments to White Desert, which specializes in providing high-end, Antarctic adventures.

“We have carefully curated a selection of garments that we believe will elevate our guests’ experience on ice,” noted Robert McLaren, White Desert Hospitality Manager. “We only work with premium brands that align with our ethos and vision. Fieldsheer fits that description perfectly.”

Patrick Deighan, Fieldsheer’s Director of E-Commerce and Marketing, believes the partnership is a perfect fit between a company that specializes in cold and one that provides warmth.

“We’re thrilled that White Desert selected Fieldsheer as their official heated-garment supplier through our Mobile Warming line,” said Deighan. “Obviously, the weather conditions in Antarctica are as extreme as it gets. Our products are designed for exactly that kind of environment. They will certainly be put to the test, and we’re very confident that they will perform up to expectations.”

Mobile Warming heated garments – which include base layers, gloves, jackets, shirts, vests, and socks – are Bluetooth-based and controlled through a specialized Mobile Connect app. Users can select any one of four different heat settings through their smartphone, ensuring maximum comfort.