Robbinsville, NC – (January 16, 2024) – The Enthusiast Hotel collection (EHC), a kaleidoscope of boutique hotels and travel inspired gateways focused on the outdoors announced today a partnership with Nocs Provisions, a leader in optics for outdoor exploration, that will see the placement of Nocs binoculars in all EHC hotel rooms – initially across 5 properties, as well in various public locations on site – beginning 15 December 2023. 

Earlier this year, EHC entered into a strategic partnership with The Cornell Lab of Ornithology to bring bird watching resources and education to all its current owned properties, as well as its affiliated partners. The Nocs Provisions relationship makes sure each guest has access to high-quality, compact and waterproof binoculars, to enable them to see the outdoors and enjoy the birding & nature that exists at and near their locations worldwide. 

“Our goal is to enable the outdoor enthusiast & traveler to more deeply connect with the world around them,” states Oneil Khosa, Founder and CEO of Enthusiast Hotel Collection. “With over 40 million bird watching enthusiasts in the US alone, we felt that finding a partner like Nocs Provisions allows us to provide gear for each guest’s use. This is important in our mission and will enable the Enthusiasts to have their curiosity sparked and learn more about bird species in the natural world.” 

In addition to Nocs binoculars in each room, EHC through its Cornell Lab relationship also has made available a copy of Living Bird magazine (the in-house publication of Cornell Lab of Ornithology) in each guest room, as well as online access for further enjoyment and education. 

“We’re excited to partner with and provide our optics to Enthusiast Hotel Collection, as it enables guests to connect more deeply with the EHC environments and truly witness the wild. EHC’s unique locations, from forests to beaches, are places where one can find presence and discover the birds, wildlife, and patterns of nature,” says Chris McKleroy, Jr. CEO and Founder of Nocs Provisions. 

Properties that will have as standard issue a Nocs binocular in each room include – The Historic Tapoco Lodge in North Carolina, Casa Morada in Florida, Brewery Gulch Inn in California, Hartstone Inn & Hideaway in Maine, and A Stone’s Throw Away in the Bahamas.