Boulder, CO, November 21, 2019Cusa Tea, the world’s first premium and organic instant tea, announced today that is has broadened its global footprint via a nationwide partnership with Vitamin Shoppe, the launch of its first-ever, caffeine-free herbal tea line, and the addition of a key executive in the company’s expanding sales department.

Founded in 2016, Cusa Tea uses only hand-selected, premium organic teas and real fruit, spices and herbs, to make a delicious and convenient tea that’s ready to drink, hot or cold, in seconds. Cusa Tea’s revolutionary products are available in 10 different varieties and have no sugar, additives, fillers, or preservatives, and can be dissolved with 12-14 oz. of water instantly. 

Cusa Tea announced that as of Nov. 10, Vitamin Shoppe, the national retailer of nutritional supplements, is currently carrying seven Cusa Tea flavors – four green and black tea options, and three herbal teas. Vitamin Shoppe has more than 780 stores across the country.  Cusa Tea products are also available in more than 1,500 retail locations with other partners like Sprouts, REI, King Soopers, Safeway, HEB and Cost Plus World Market, as well as online via Amazon and their website,

The company also announced the launch of three distinct flavors in its first-ever herbal tea line: Everyday Wellness, Deep Doze, and Slim Savvy. Everyday Wellness is the company’s first herbal tea and contains hibiscus, rose and licorice, providing a balanced, naturally tart and subtly sweet flavor.

Deep Doze is a functional premium herbal tea that contains a formula of herbs including chamomile and lemon balm designed to promote restorative sleep. It also contains Poria mushroom, sour jujube kernel, longan, and licorice.

Slim Savvy is a powerful premium herbal tea that contains tangerine peel, cassia seed, cinnamon, lotus leaf and horsetail (mu zei), a formula designed to not only kick start metabolism but also assist the body in digesting fats, cholesterol and sugar.

“I have been wanting to launch herbal/functional teas ever since I started Cusa Tea,” said Founder and CEO Jim Lamancusa. “In the past, we only had caffeinated teas, which cut out a whole group of consumers who don’t drink caffeine, as well as people that like to switch to caffeine-free in the afternoon. It has taken two years of product development to launch these, in part because I wanted to make sure that they were not only delicious but also truly beneficial to the health of the customer drinking them.” 

“So we now have a great lineup that focuses on overall wellness, immune support, restorative sleep, and more. They also solve the wasted time issue that most herbal tea companies have with their 12-15 minute steeping time to get the effects of the herbs. We can do the same thing in seconds.”

As with all of Cusa Tea’s lines, the new herbal teas are made with Cusa Tea’s innovative and patented Cold Steep technology. Cold Steep uses room temperature water and pressure to extract all the flavor and maximum goodness from hand-selected ingredients. From there, Cusa vacuum dehydrates the cold brew, a much gentler method of dehydration, to concentrate the tea into crystals that instantly dissolve in hot or cold water. 

Cusa Tea also announced the addition of industry veteran Beata Pabian as VP of Sales as the company continues to grow into 2020 and beyond. Pabian joins Cusa Tea after most recently holding senior and executive positions with Boulder-based Lily’s Sweets and The Jackfruit Company.




About Cusa Tea: Cusa Tea is the world’s first premium organic instant tea. Made from organic tea with zero sugar, preservatives, or additives, you get a perfect cup every time. At Cusa Tea, our mission is to recreate the taste and experience of tea found in the traditional Asian tea shops. Cusa Tea’s convenient, single-serving packets will deliver a precisely brewed cup of delicious organic tea that’s free of chemicals, additives, fillers, or excess sugar when you need it.

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