Chaos Headwear, makers of high-quality headwear in the U.S. and worldwide, introduces ECO CTR, a collection of eco-friendly hemp and certified organic cotton hats for 2019 and a new expanded Kids Collection. CTR features it all for sun, rain, storm and far and wide travel.

CTR – ECO is a collection of eco-friendly hemp blends, recycled PET, paper and certified organic cotton hats. Our organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals. Chemical-free cotton is hypo-allergic and helps reduce the absorption of toxins through the skin, thus reducing health risks. Hemp is a natural fiber that requires no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO seeds in its cultivation. Its cultivation can help improve soil quality by replenishing nutrients and preventing erosion. It’s one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet and results in fabric with a wonderful drape comparable to linen.

This year’s collection features CTR KIDS, which includes a diverse array of looks for the kids including bucket hats, baseball caps, and straw hats that will support any Summer outdoor adventure. Each item in the collection comes in various different styles and colors.


Defining materials include THERMOCOOL, HYDROMAXX and HELISHADE technologies to keep you as cool as possible, while also keeping the adults and kids protected from those harmful sun rays, allowing for hours of uninterrupted fun in the sun.

THERMOCOOL: Unlike traditional cooling fabrics, THERMOCOOL is made from jade stone powder, and is able to cool down the surface temperature by about 1-2 degree Celsius. CTR has incorporated THERMOCOOL into its collection to give you a more cool, dry, protective product. Since jade stone has positive electrons and is bacteria negative, it is virtually impossible for bacteria to grow on the fabric. 

HYDROMAXX is a performance 2.5 waterproof breathable membrane designed to keep water out while allowing moisture vapor to pass through. HYDROMAXX has been tested to provide 10,000 mm of water resistance and 10,000 g/m2/d.

HELISHADE sun protective fabric provides a sun protection rating of UPF50+. The fabric also provides moisture-wicking properties and elasticity, ensuring superior comfort and fit.

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