Boulder, CO, November 5, 2019—In May 2014, Dean Wiltshire founded Colorado Teardrops in his garage at home. Five years later, the company is a leading provider of premium teardrop trailers, serving customers from all over the country from its headquarters in Boulder, CO. Using the highest quality materials and expert construction techniques, Colorado Teardrops offers a range of lightweight, aerodynamic teardrops to deliver unforgettable, life long adventures. 

After banner sales for 2019, Colorado Teardrops is excited to announce its new “$5K Down” financing program, allowing customers to purchase a trailer with a partial down payment of $5,000, which immediately goes into a secure escrow account and gets the production process started. Customers will be given two months to secure additional financing if needed.

Company founder and owner Dean Wiltshire sees it as a ‘win-win’ scenario, benefiting the customers and the day to day operations of the company. “Customers used to pay in full or put a larger deposit down to secure their purchase. With our $5k Down program, we’re minimizing that initial financial burden for our customers. Our ultimate goal is to make the purchasing process easier for our customers.”

Wiltshire continues: “Our trailers are built to last generations — not just a few years — and to achieve this we use only the highest quality materials. Our $5k Down program allows us to purchase the structural aircraft-grade aluminum and steel that is the foundation of our trailers and enables us to start the manufacturing process early. Our customers will receive their finished trailer within 90 days…a quick turnaround time for this industry.”

Colorado Teardrops offers a range of lightweight, aerodynamic teardrops to accommodate varying needs. Some of their customers are looking for a simple camper to tow behind their Subaru while others are looking for a rugged camper for remote, off-the-beaten-path adventures.  Over the past five years, the company has developed an impressive customer base and solid reputation, becoming the “go-to” brand for those wanting a durable, streamlined, and competitively priced trailer for both close-to-home and more intrepid adventures.

Interested customers are invited to drop in at their Boulder, CO headquarters and showroom, located at 1750 55th St., Unit B where they can check out different models in person and discuss customization options, such as adding electricity, solar panels, stargazer windows, bunk beds, and more. Customers can also start the process by sending a quick email or giving their staff a call.  In any given week, Colorado Teardrops is working with and building trailers for a diverse array of customers — from young families to retirees and everyone in between.

“Many people who grew up camping in a tent are now seeking more comfort as they raise families and look to get away more often. But for many, RVs and Sprinter vans are way too expensive and cumbersome,” says Wiltshire. “We hit that sweet spot: our trailers are compact enough to be pulled by almost any car, durable enough for off-road, and competitively priced. We want people to have endless adventures and enjoy the outdoors without having to sacrifice convenience and comfort. And without breaking the bank.”