Brunton announced new and updated products for Spring 2022 specific to search and rescue, geology, forestry, and tactical professionals based in the field.

“Since the very beginning, field-based professionals have been a cornerstone of the Brunton consumer group. The new accessories and updated transit options for 2022 are a direct reflection of our commitment to making their jobs easier and more efficient, so they can focus on the work and not their equipment’s accuracy or reliability,” said Becky Day, marketing manager, Brunton.

As part of its Professional line since 1894, the Standard Transit received an update to solve the challenge of accidentally misplacing the instrument in the field. For S22, the device will be offered in bright orange to spot more quickly in most landscapes. 

Also available in its Professional line next spring are two measurement tools. The Jacob’s Staff, a geology-specific instrument used to measure the thickness of rock layers, is collapsible and lightweight and can double as a trekking pole. The device is compatible with Brunton’s OmniSlope Sighting Inclinator and Ball & Socket Transit Mount. And adding to the brand’s series of reference cards, Brunton’s Map Multi-Tool combines a ruler, 360-degree protractor and map grid into one card that requires little to no space in a toolkit or field notebook.

To complement its Transit line, the weather-resistant Transit Case protects Transit models in adverse weather conditions, including wet environments. The EVA molded case offers a weather-resistant lid with snap closure, an integrated and removable Alice clip and a built-in belt loop for up to two-inch-wide belts. The case is Made in the U.S.A.

For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy Brunton